Enthusiasm is Great. Enthusiasm and a Little Knowledge is Better.

At least 10 people have approached me this year seeking pro-bono advice on starting a business or launching a new product.  If they seem sincere, I meet with them for a coffee and give them an hour or so worth of my experience in marketing and advertising.

I follow it up with a quick three page brief outlining the tasks they will need to carry it out,  persuading them that given the time, some thinking, the internet, and a bit of guidance, they can do most of the work themselves; not only saving a ton of money, but also gaining a competent and confident understanding of how to navigate their new venture through the high seas of commerce.

They’ve gone off in search of someone who will tell them that they don’t really need to do all of those things, and that he/she/they can do it much cheaper. Sadly they’ll probably find that person and fail.

Over 70% of all new business ventures (products) fail in the first year. I’ll say it again; over 70% of all new business ventures fail in the first year! And only 51% of the survivors are still in business after 5 years.

Here’s why.

Underfunding and/or they didn’t do their homework.

Am I trying to put you off  your idea? Heaven forbid, not at all. Without entrepreneurs like you we’d all be off chasing through the woods in loincloths trying to catch dinner. What I am trying to do, is disarm you of the notion that equipped with nothing less than your boundless enthusiasm, a snappy logo, a second mortgage, and your aunt Lizzie’s secret sauce, global domination of the condiment/restaurant market lies but a short hop down the road.

If you’d like to improve the odds, attend the free course (below).

On a more positive note, it helps to remember that all successful businesses, great or small, began when someone just like you, had the vision, the enthusiasm, and courage to start it. Yes, you can win at this game! In spite of the odds, hundreds of successful companies are launched every year.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 12th I will offer a free overview introductory course of nine or ten modules, covering the bare bones essentials (and a few nice-to-haves) that you will need to maximize your chances.

If there is such a thing as the “quick & easy” route to starting a business (serious doubts aside) this is it, and below are some important concepts you’re going to need to get a handle on to win.

The Business Plan                   The Business Strategy

Supporting Strategies             The Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Mix                  Branding

The Marketing Plan                 Other important odds and ends I’ll remember along the way

If you’re thinking that burning enthusiasm and unbridled passion is all you need, have another look at the surfer in the picture and please keep in touch to let me know how it’s going.

For those who believe that burning enthusiasm might require a measure of knowledge, I hope to see you.

Please note!  The course has been discontinued, due to  a Lack of Interest. It seems everyone has gone elsewhere to find an easier route to success. When you find it, please let me know too. I’ve been looking for years to find the “magic button”.

If you do decide you are interested, please use the comments field on the “About” page  to let me know.  I’ll  organize it again as long as we have at least ten interested and committed people.


Xross that line!

Cheers, Steven

Credits: Surfer Image courtesy of: P.J. Ehlert - www.pjimagegallery.com
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