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One Cool Thing: Wednesday June 30th, 2010

Just a quick reminder I do not have any affiliation with the people or products I may have posted under One Cool Thing, so there is no pressure to buy anything. These are just things that I’ve bumped into along … Continue reading

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Today’s One Cool Thing: Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Guitars of any shape, size, colour, style, or age are cool. Why ? Don’t know. They just are. All the experts agree (eyes rolling skywards)! Dagmar Guitars are simply the king of cool acoustic guitars, which puts them up … Continue reading

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The Art of the Tale

I’ve always stood in awe of story tellers, the way they can spin a yarn, constructing plots interwoven with sub-plots, creating characters, eventually tying up all those loose ends created by increasingly convoluted conflicts into a perfectly credible and believable … Continue reading

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100 Million Websites Plus: Is SEO Still Relevent?

To get some idea about the size of the internet these days, I keyed in a couple of nonsensical terms to see what Google would come up with. Fiddlesticks returned 469,000 entries, thingamajigs a paltry 76,000. Wiki Answers asserts that … Continue reading

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World Cup: FIFA Was Thinking What?

It seems to me that soccer (football), is a working mans sport, or at least here in South Africa it is. TheĀ  die-hard supporters in this country (and there are many), nip along to the stadium with their mates on … Continue reading

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