Snail Mail: The Hot New Direct Marketing Alternative?

Cool Postage Stamps

Remember when you got your first email account?

I can. It was cool, huh?

I couldn’t wait for the first delivery, emailing everyone I’d ever known or heard of, so I wouldn’t be left out of the loop. Touch of a button and bang, there it was. Hot damn!

I don’t know about you,but in my world, email has certainly changed since then and not necessarily for the better. Even with spam protection and all the filtering you can muster, for a lot of people, legitimate emails still number in the hundreds per day. And those are the ones they actually want to receive!

So, what do you think the chances are for your new, hip, slick, and terminally cool, email campaign?

You’ve  got a great list, dynamite product, compelling copy, professional graphics, super value adds and incentives, and an obvious opt-out option. Wow!

Now, if only someone would open the damn thing.

Here’s how I would  design a  direct marketing campaign:

1. Go to one of those upmarket custom stationery providers, choose  some really cool, expensive, sophisticated, custom-made, blank cards and matching envelopes. Get your name, or company name, or logo, embossed on them ( think, subtle and understated here).

2. Buy a good fountain pen, Mont Blanc, the fat chunky one, sigh… Ok then, a decent one And black or blue ink. Sorry. No red, green, pink, or funky orange please.

3. Buy some stamps. Yes, real stamps. Not the office franking machine. Try and get interesting ones (they have all kinds you know).

4. Make up a list of the top ten people you really want to get some time with. Hand-write, legibly, a short, compelling, personalized note, 45 – 50 words, or less.  Put them in the mail (allow for delivery time in your copy). First class mail, not bulk.  ” The Head Buyer” is not going to work. Get the name and mark it, “PERSONAL.”

Example:  David, I’ve got some really exciting news about our new widgets that could save you over 100K this year! Can I drop by Friday at 11:30  and pick you up for lunch to discuss? Or offer a game of golf. Or permission to send a brochure. Or yaddah, yaddah, whatever.

5. Do this every day (different top ten). Get other people doing it.

Bet they get opened!

Xross that line!

Cheers Steven

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