Top Three Quintessentially Zooty Design Places.

As reluctant as I am to joint the long queue of top this or that, at times I do come across various interesting and neat places both virtual and real, which  impress me enough that I feel compelled to share them. I’ll try to remember to post a few each month.

Zooty? A great word, a neologism to use when you’re tired of using cool.

You may or may not agree.

Xross that Line.

Cheers, Steven

Photo Credits: Self-Explanatory

1. Furniture Design

Nsg design: Awesome creations in wood. Doubly cool for the fact that the furniture is made from off-cuts and otherwise commercially unusable parts of trees, which normally go to waste. Not to mention the many awards they’ve won. Great designs coupled with a sustainable, planet-friendly, business ethic.tables

russian stamps

2. Industrial Art

During Russia’s Soviet Era. From  Liberation to Liberation. In the form of postage stamps, no less, not a media  I often look to for inspiration, to my new-found regret.

If you’re a graphic artist/designer, you might never leave this site. Some amazing art here. Whole new set of styles, fonts, ideas to play with. 

3.Architecture, Buildings, and Structures of Note.

Photography of QT LUONG

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