Today’s One Cool Thing: Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Dagmar Guitars

Guitars of any shape, size, colour, style, or age are cool.

Why ?

Don’t know. They just are. All the experts agree (eyes rolling skywards)!

Dagmar Guitars are simply the king of cool acoustic guitars, which puts them up there as one of the coolest things on the planet. True as Bob!

Haven’t managed to get my hands on one yet but rumour has it that they’re not only striking to look at, but strum a sweet note as well.

Some comments from appreciative fans



I played these guitars in Montreal and they are unbelievable! They are incredibly responsive, well balanced, silky and smooth. Sooo sexxxy! They sound open and broken in. The Dagmar design is extraordinary!! Dave


Cool, looks ergonomic to. They scream “touch me”! Very striking on the eyes but what about the ears? Jeff


Wow, unbelievably beautiful and the technology in these guitars from the interviews fantastic. Just beautiful.

I wonder if Peter (the man who makes these guitars)is going to have a go at making a classical. Sigh. T’would be nice!

Yes! An electric version is imminent

Cool site as well.

Xross that Line.

Cheers Steven.

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