Social Media: Everyone Talking to Everybody About Everything.

Social media and social networking have become our latest obsession. Hours spent in front of the tweet deck dashboard trying to make sense of dozens of seemingly random and obscure smatterings of , uhm, smatterings of what?

Exactly what is this conversation, if indeed it is a conversation?

I mean, do thousands of 140 character long (or less) bits of unrelated information and opinion, much of which is cyber-gossip, cast upon the net, constitute a conversation?  Or is it just babble?

How about Facebook? Thank goodness they seem to have progressed beyond the million (almost mandatory) API’s that you could use to annoy your friends. Really people, how much value is there in knowing second by second, what’s on someone’s mind and if there is any value? To what end? And now you can pinpoint with a degree of accuracy that would make an artillery commander green with envy, your location while you share with us the contents of your mind.

Tweeting to the world that you’ve just won the New York State Lottery and you are presently at,  table 12, in Fat Harry’s Pub, on the corner of 56th and wherever, doesn’t seem like a very clever idea to me. But the Bartender and the muggers are going to love it.

Twitter, Buzz, Linked in, Foursquare, My Space, Digg, Cyworld, Mixx, You-tube, Posterous, Yammer, Flickr, Delicious, MMOG’s and on, and on, the list is endless and growing.

Apparently everyone, talking to everybody, about everything is the new social formula?

Worried you might miss that “never-to-be-repeated gem?” No problem. You can access your favourite application on just about every device you own, except your toaster, and rumour has it Google is working with Sunbeam to ship a new API for that next week.

One of the bigger questions out there is, what’s this all about? How can we benefit from this; individually, collectivity, commercially and grammatically (sorry Captain Sparrow)?

Another big question is, where is all this leading too? Well, to know the answer to that one you’ll first have to answer, where is it now? If anyone truly knows the answer to that, I’d love to hear it.

Xross that line.

Cheers Steven.

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2 Responses to Social Media: Everyone Talking to Everybody About Everything.

  1. dadtobe28 says:

    Splendid blogging maestro, indeed the so called miracle of social media has its side effects. My pet peev is that people in general don’t seem to be able to write more than 140 characters for anything these days, email or otherwise. Our communication has for the most part turned into a rambling mess of terrible tweets, the world has gone tweet mad.

    Example: I respond to old chums friend request on facebook with a message of substance assuming they want to engage in an interaction of substance. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t fit the contents of the last ten years in 140 characters! Anyway off my message goes. Do I get a reply? No I do not. Then I make an announcement on the news page and what do you know. With the sheer, unadulterated audacity of a tragedy denier one or two lines of pious platitude land on my cyber doorstep. They just pretend they never got your message and carry on like they are you best pal.

    People just brazenly ignore meaningful interaction and jump on the band wagon of good news whenever it suits them and their image and that is supposed to be a positive development in the evolution of the human species! Give me a f*%$@?!g break.

    Cheers Michael

    • xrosstheline says:

      Howzit Poppa Dale, hmmm sounds smurfish.

      At best social media or networking is embryonic and it’s ultimate destination if such an unlikely place exists…remains stubbornly obscure.

      Is Social media Important…absolutley without a doubt!


      Now, that’s a much tougher question to answer.
      Cheers Mike

      P.s I’ll be linking your bog on mine

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