Draw with a mouse…you’re kidding right?

I Love to draw and Paint but I never seem to find the time to do it these days.

I haven’t put a brush to canvas for over 6 years, I did a bit of sketching and drawing about 4 years ago… somehow I managed to leave my entire portfolio in a hotel room in Gatwick, UK and only discovered it at thirty thousand feet…. Don’t ask!

These days most of my creative time is spent at the keyboard, which is fine but just not the same thing.

I  did take a stab at digital painting a while back but simply can’t bring myself to engage with it…somehow it seems sacrilegious. Painting is such a sensual process for me… clean canvas, the smell of turps (bugger the museum quality) old clothes, good coffee, great music…laying down the paint is visceral, working the brush, finding the form and texture, playing with glazes…getting paint all over yourself….. by comparison painting with a laptop seems sterile and chore like.

Anyway…not my point! I decided since I have no scanner nor Waco tablet I would draw with my mouse.

Hehehehe, what an interesting experience.

Kinda like strumming a guitar with a brick.

I’m talking a fist size mouse with wire attached (laser at least, no ball) skimming over the uneven surface of my work table. Above is an attempt at a speed sketch a’ la mouse,  took about 7 minutes give or take.

The end result reminded me of an old French Canadian guy I once worked with so  I  gave it the caption “Je Suis Canadiene” ( I am Canadian… I think?)

I’m fairly happy with the result…. Oh had to use geometric shapes for the pupils,  my lines kept closing, it looked weird. Other than that it’s all freehand drawn.

Whadda ya think?

Let me know!

Xross that Line

Cheers Steven.

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2 Responses to Draw with a mouse…you’re kidding right?

  1. I like it! I’ve tried with the mousepad on my laptop – not with a physical mouse I think it would be too jumpy… so well done!

    I’ve thought about getting a Waco pen but for the cost (for a decent one), I’d rather stick old fashioned pen and ink (and scanner!)

    Strumming a guitar with a brick is the perfect analogy 🙂


    • xrosstheline says:

      Thanks for dropping in WG…well if you feed the mouse prozac, once you’ve taught him how to hold the pen… follow simple directions…up, down left and right it, works rather well…as long as the cat stays out of the room!

      By the way checked out your blog…I particularly liked “reasons to lie”really made me laugh. Well done

      Xross that line.
      Cheers Steven

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