One Cool Thing… “Seth Godin is the Bill Gates of common sense.”

Seth Godins Blog PicThe moment I came across Seth Godins Blog I knew right away that I’d stumbled onto something of value. Aside from being a best-selling author of 12 books,  (among them,  Linchpin, Purple Cow, Permission Marketing) a visionary, a consummate and brilliant modern marketer, his ability to navigate the convoluted landscape of the digital culture is clear and compelling. He appears to have an inexhaustible supply of common sense….Seth Godin is the Bill Gates of common sense.

Remarkably, aside from a presumably hectic schedule (the man, walks the walk) Seth manages to find time to write at least 1 post per day (I think there’s more than one blog).

No, I don’t work with or for the man, nor is he a personal acquaintance. To see Seth’s full bio and bibliography click here

Seth Godin is passionate about 4 key things ( in my humble opinion)

1. What we do:

Our work, our business, our day-to-day stuff.

2. How we get it done:

Technology, tools, values, practices etc.

3. Respecting our humanity:

Points one and two, must serve this one, not the other way around.

4. Shipping (delivering) that which we produce:

If we’re not shipping anything, all the above is meaningless.

If you want to find out more you’ll have to visit his site…trust me, it’s worth it.

Below is a copy of one of Seth’s Posts:  with the author’s permission.

The Non-Optimized Life (posted July 3, 2010)

By Seth Godin

When you measure an activity, you can improve it. Computers make it easy to optimize just about every portion of your life.

Surely, you can optimize a website or a blog for traffic. You can optimize ads to make them yield more results. You can optimize your presentation style to close more sales or change more minds. You can optimize your workout to get faster and stronger. You can optimize your diet to lose weight and gain muscle. You can optimize your sleeping patterns to get more rest in less time. Cosmo even says you can optimize your sex life…

And then, at some point, you realize you’re spending your best energy on optimization, not on creation.

This is a fine line to walk, because of course you can optimize your creation time as well! You can develop habits to amplify your best thoughts and make it likely you’ll ship work that matters. I get that. But I also worry that a never-ending cycle of optimization can become a crutch, a place to hide when you really should be confronting the endless unknown, not the banal stair step of incremental optimization. While Yahoo was optimizing their home page in 2001, the guys at Google were inventing something totally new.

That’s one reason I resist the temptation to optimize this blog for traffic and yield. I’d rather force myself to improve it by having the guts to write better posts instead.

…end post.

There you have It.

Whether you’re a confused marketer, a frustrated CEO or just someone like me who is struggling to figure out how to fit in to the new digital culture.

Do yourself a big favour

Visit Seth’s Blog, better yet,  subscribe, better still… purchase 1 or 2 of his books and read them.

Here is the post link:

Or See Blog Roll: Seth Godin

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