Blogging my way to Fortune and Fame.

Which term does not belong in the following group: Small children, Family pets, Blogs, or Family vacations?

The answer!  “Family Vacations”  because everything else, is a voracious little beast that demands feeding… Daily!

This includes blogs. I blog because I love it (I love the kids and pets ‘n stuff too). Partly it’s the fame (imagine a smiley face here), in part, because I’m an opinionated sod but mostly because I love being part of this world-wide conversation that’s emerging. What an amazing thing it is! The price of course is that blog’s demand new material, which means hours (perhaps better spent…  but I don’t think so) putting my views down on paper. Well, sort of.

The payoff?

I guess some people do blog for the fame. Others are sought after experts in their field…some enjoy celebrated status, still others launch blogs as a business enterprise. All of which is fine and dandy but none of these,  are categories to which I belong.

Though having said that; I have managed to develop a modest following. Thank you all most graciously for your support, both readers and contributors (especially those of you who have taken the trouble to comment) and I’ve probably learned a thing or two along the way…so I’m not a complete dolt.  And at the risk of being mistaken for a wanton hustler I’d like to announce that I’m starting another Advertising Agency: Opus.3  (this will be my third) so keep an eye out for it will you?

For me blogging is a kind of child-like fascination, somewhat like tying messages to helium filled balloons and letting them go to see where they might end up. Or sitting by the sea with a bunch of empty bottles and a note pad… launching pithy quips to distant shores and trying to imagine who might get them and how that lucky soul might react?

A smile I think. Perhaps a momentary feeling of fortune and enchantment. I know if I stumbled on a bottle or a balloon with a note attached,  that read something as simple as; “How the hell are Ya? This is Jimmy in Australia” I’d feel most fortunate… it would seem quite profound. I’d probably dash out and buy a lottery ticket!

There we go… another one, on its way.

Xross that Line

Cheers Steven

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