Well…there go the rose coloured glasses!

The World Economy is so rickety… A blind man could see it over the telephone!

If you’ve ever watched a child playing with blocks, there comes the inevitable moment when they stack one block on top of the other, the second block, is easy peasy, three no problem, at four blocks, the rising column starts to lean to one side….looking on, it’s clear that 5 blocks is dicey and six is just not going to happen… you know it’s going to collapse.

Remarkably similar to the world view today!

For years we have piled one block on top of the other, believing that if we are more exacting in which blocks we choose, a little more precise in how we place them, optimize a little here…a little there, we can continue to pile them one on top of the other infinitely.  Nonsense!

The tower is leaning, it’s rickety and been shored up in so many places there is simply no more room for another support.

Ok. So things could be better? What’s your point?

My point is this. The way we have done things in the past is simply not working any more… we need to give it up.

For example: The global economy is shifting. It’s shifting away from developed nations to developing ones. Why? Well, there are many reasons, many are documented and there are no doubt countless books being written on the subject as we speak.

The short answer is this.

Economics is not about money, it’s about people…what we do, why we do it and what happens when we do, do it? And while people in wealthy nations are struggling to throw off the yoke of “Wage Slavery”… in developing nations it’s the highest aspiration.

Simply put… you’re competing in a global economy, cheek by jowl, with a man who thinks that going hungry 3 days a month is a pretty good deal… he used to go hungry 3 days a week. While you’re wondering if you can afford that new car, he’s thinking that he will soon be able to buy a bicycle.

He and his friends outnumber you by about 100 or more to one. The outcome is obvious.

You can argue that we’ve always had Ivory Towers,  you’re right…we need them, but most of all we need them secure, when our institutions fail catastrophically, they wreak havoc and put millions of lives and fortunes in jeopardy.

What’s to be done? Clearly this sorry state of affairs can’t continue.

Any engineer or architect will tell you that there is a relationship between the hight of a structure and it’s supporting base…you can go as high as you like as long as you increase the strength of the base proportionally (think Pyramids) In human terms this means that our ability to rise as individuals or organisations is limited by the strength (or breadth) of our support base. Globally… if the majority of the world’s people’s are starving, uneducated and hopeless, we will never be able to compete based on merit. There are too many people who are willing to work for pennies a day so they can eat.

The structure is simply not sustainable. The same holds true for nations or communities. There is an interlinked and inherent relationship between ourselves and those around us.

We can either tighten our belts or feed them…you choose.

What does that mean to me as an individual?

Simply this; your ability to rise is limited in proportion, to the welfare of the people around you. Think about this. Understand it.

If all those around you are secure then so will you be, if they are not… you are always at risk.

What can you do?

A lot actually.

Start by having a good look at the people about you…right now, here, in your own backyard. Who’s hurting? Why? If it’s a question of a hundred bucks for groceries or to pay the heating bill? Give (not loan) it to them. Better yet help them find a job, help them get an education, loan them your spare car, to find work. Talk to them, mentor and coach them, let them know you care. Whatever it takes…don’t wait for them to ask. Open your eyes, recognize the need and do something. Above all be sincere… forget about the tax credits, ROI, increased market share or adding another block to your tower.  I’m not talking about charity, I’m talking about helping them Solve the problem at a personal level, not a nameless donation to a charity box.

Set some ground rules if needs be, you know the difference between helping and being taken advantage of.

This makes good  economic sense…this is strengthening your base support. The stronger you make it, the higher you will rise.

In Africa we call it Ubuntu, “I am because you are”

Xross that Line

Cheers Steven

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