A Fork in the Road…time for some changes.

Most of the articles that I write, are…well, sorta tongue in cheek. Partly poking ( safely behind the fence) at the world with a stick, to see if it’ll bite…it does! And partly serious.

We’ve hit a fork in the road and it’s time to split the blog into two different genres, “xross the line” becoming a bit more serious and focused on the business side of my life. Paying particular attention to marketing & advertising  which has been a long term love affair, albeit one that I’ve neglected too often.

and now…. Jibarish

The new Blog is “Jibarish” and as the name would imply ( yes I realise it’s misspelled but “Gibberish” was taken so I had to come up with a phonetic… yup Jibberish too) Jibarish is where I will put all my rants, musings and the odd’s n sods I stumble across when my head goes walk-about. Including One Cool Thing and whatever else may take my fancy.

The tagline reads “Go on then… open your mouth and let your guts rumble.” which ought to give you a clue about the nature of the content.

Also you may notice I have included a new page” Library” on this blog, where you can find  interesting and useful articles on marketing, social media and advertising. Written by a number of industry leaders, as well as my self (as soon as I can grab a few free moments). I will add to the library from time to time as I uncover articles that I believe contain qualified opinions and insights. To Begin with you should take a look at Seth Godins “Insubordinate”

Please feel free to download them as you wish…however you may not sell them. They are for reference only. If you do quote sections please remember to credit the source.

Xross that Line

Cheers Steven.

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