For a Good Time call Amber at 901 555 1212.

When we talk about social media these days,

we tend to think about digitally driven platforms that encourage people to interact in a spontaneous and informal dialogue.

“What’s on your mind” or “What’s happening” or “Start a discussion” are your cues to leap in, start a conversation and get connected. Whether it be, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging or blogs… it’s all social media.

Content can be anything from simple greetings to deep musings or solicitations for goods and services, either personal or business.

And we like to think this is all very shiny and new!

Is it?

Think non-digitally for a moment,

How about the community message board in your grocery store?

” 1986 Toyota Corolla needs TLC…” and “Looking for Room-mate – must be….”

The campus hub message board?

“Does anyone have a copy of “Plato’s Republic …” or “Hi, I’m looking for a ride to…will share gas” and “Party! Sat night, 22 Riverside Road, BYOB (nursing students eagerly sought)”

The tourist office in Madrid?

“John, if you get here I’ve gone to Ibiza, will hook up with you on Friday, love Gina”

I think we’ve engaged in social media for donkey’s years. The message boards have just gotten bigger, slicker and fancier.

In fact… when you think about it? Maybe the earliest form of social media was the graffiti on the lavatory wall. A mixed bag of prose and commerce.

“For a good time call Amber….”

Here I sit broken-hearted paid my dime……

Xross that line,

Oh Yes! Be a good chap and push some of those little buttons below will you?…Thanks.

Cheers Steven.

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  1. marketini says:

    There’s always time to pause and draw inspiration from media evolution. One of my favorite identity design books begins with a prologue that invokes petroglyphs for a comparison with Nike and Apple logos.

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