The End of the World as we know it!

Quite the headline isn’t it.

It conjures up images of apocalyptic events both natural and man-made.

Mother Earth’s patience; finally exhausted by the endless squandering of her bounteous gifts, wreaks vengeance on her tenants, delivering a rolling series of natural catastrophes.  Not to be outdone; Mankind, completely looses it’s already tenuous grip and vents its spleen…. heaping brutality upon brutality. Together elemental forces and mankind’s lunacy escalate the violence to a gargantuan grand finale. In spite of the carnage, a battle torn Brad Pitt or Colin Farrell performs multiple death-defying feats along the way and saves the buxom love interest, a cute recently orphaned kid and a dog. Holding hands they bravely head off into the sunset to begin the circle of life anew…the soundtrack comes up, the credits role and the lights go on.

Great epic material but not much of a likely scenario (2012 will come and go as have the last 10,000 before it)…too static and if nothing else, life has shown us that it’s shamelessly intolerant of anything static. And no history does not repeat itself…historians do. Although at times it’s hard to tell, we no longer dwell in caves. And we shop for groceries!

The truth is…the world as we know it ends every night when we tuck ourselves into bed. Thankfully tomorrow is another day but it’s a day that stubbornly defies prediction. More so now, than at any other time in the history of man.

The winds of change are howling through the alleyways. We’re accelerating …to what end I don’t know but we seem  to be perched on the very cusp of an all-encompassing change. In the off-chance that I’m the only one who’s noticed…stop and do a quick mental check. Can you honestly think of one institution or social structure that isn’t covered in cracks? Straining at the seams?

Economies have tanked so many times they deserve a snorkel and fins. Despite all the back slapping and glad handing, we have not emerged from this latest plunge with a shiny new, functioning economic model. It’s the old one patched together with baling wire, duct tape and a lick of paint. Oh! and it’s shifting…big time. You may want to keep an eye on emerging economies.

Business? Business is lost. The whole concept of control and market domination are out the window. Most traditional business systems are floundering. Consumers are a lot more savvy these days. They know what they want and they want it custom tailored to meet their needs and they don’t give a damn about shareholder dividends or stock value. A quick trip along the highways and byways of social media and they can find out everything they need to know about a company, its competition, its products and where to get better and cheaper. In less time than it takes you to drink your morning coffee and read your newspaper.

Employees are beginning to realise that they can live without that extra TV, especially if it requires being a wage slave to acquire it. They want more from their companies than a pay check. They’re learning to put their interests first, no longer willing to risk retrenchment to protect shareholder wealth. Big business has taught them well.

Politics. Politics is now so devoid of leadership it would be comic if it wasn’t so tragic. Pick any flavour you like, Socialism, Communism and Democracy the greatest disappointment of them all. Have all failed systematically. The west once the beacon of civilised society and fair play; have in spite of their continued self adulation become the pariahs of the world, the single greatest threat and obstacle to world peace, a stain on the fabric of society and a blight on the rose garden of humanity. What Weapons of Mass destruction? Does anyone think the world has forgotten?  Does anyone still foolishly believe that the Iraqi people regard the west as liberating hero’s?

The only luminaries on the horizon, are those scant few leaders who have demonstrated their wholehearted commitment to place the benefit of their people, (as defined by those people) above their own, and they hail from every colour of the political spectrum.

The family. Surely by now the children being raised in single parent homes, outweigh those kids whose fathers don’t pick them up every second weekend if at all. (myself Included)

Infrastructure and social services. Are a mess. “Pay more get less” has become the norm. Everywhere there are homeless people living in cardboard boxes. The sick and elderly, beggared to the point of starvation are living on pet food. No one should have to choose whether they eat or keep a roof over their head. It’s simply not  acceptable. Do you really need me to tell you that? Employment opportunities? Good luck! Just ask any graduate?

Education, Judiciary Systems, Religion, Taxation, Health Care… pick any one you like. They’re all facing radical changes.

Sounds bleak doesn’t it….you may well think I’m the prophet of doom.

Not so. As painful as it may seem, it’s all good. We’ve got to lose the old to make way for the new. Will the changes be better? I believe so. I think there will be growing pains, some we’re already experiencing. Technology is only getting going and look at the changes it’s already brought about. Self determination is coming of age all around us. We have access. People are making better and more informed choices about their lives and lifestyles. Change is a journey, no one knows what direction it will take. It’s invigorating, long overdue. Buckle up and smile! Wherever we’re headed… it’s gonna be an exciting ride.

As the Chinese say; “May you live in interesting times”.

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Xross that Line.

Cheers Steven.

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