Steven Grindlay

Steven has had considerable exposure and experience in all facets of business management. He has in-depth experience in Operations Management, Strategic Marketing Management, Quality Assurance, Finance, Administration and IT systems as well as a keen understanding of Human Capital Management. During the course of his 20 years in senior Management he has managed designed, and implemented a company-wide total quality assurance project for Controlled Foods (General foods food service division), during which he authored and oversaw the implementation of company training standards, Project managed the feasibility of Privatisation of the SATS passenger services division. As an executive director (Business Development) of a Canadian National Executive Recruitment firm he expanded the business into the Financial, Banking and Insurance industries. Steven has worked in executive marketing positions and been a consultant and advertising agency to firms such as RJR Nabisco, General Foods, Sun International, Police Sunglasses and Thorn Emi Industries in markets ranging from service industries, manufacturing / engineering, FMCG’s, industrial / B2B and Information Technology ; he has exceptional competencies in the design and implementation of end-to-end Strategic Marketing Management functions. Steven has owned and operated 2 advertising agencies and was offered a post teaching Marketing Communications to MBA students at York University.

Recently He has designed and set up a consortium of health service providers in Glasgow UK.   Trust Recovery Group and has acted as the consultant to a local clinic (20 million +) in designing and managing their turnaround project. Currently he is engaged among other things  as a consultant to Black Empowerment start-ups in South Africa.

Steven is a competent mix of a highly creative and lateral thinker with a pragmatic business approach to solving problems and has demonstrated proficiency in the following areas

Strategic Planning, Business Plan development and feasibility studies, Strategic Marketing,

Creating Competitive Advantage, Brand Strategies, Communication and New Media strategies

Conceptual Development and Design, Competitive analysis and industry analysis, Value Audits and Analysis

Training & Development, Policies, standards and procedures, Presentations and motivational speaking


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