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The End of the World as we know it!

Quite the headline isn’t it. It conjures up images of apocalyptic events both natural and man-made. Mother Earth’s patience; finally exhausted by the endless squandering of her bounteous gifts, wreaks vengeance on her tenants, delivering a rolling series of natural … Continue reading

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When all else fails, try the truth.

In the wake of the turbulent economy tired consumers are fed up, too many have been badly burned. People no longer even pretend to believe advertising hype that implies benefits and outcomes that…well, that simply aren’t going to happen. Frankly … Continue reading

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Once Bitten Twice Shy?

The past 12 -18 months have been brutal. Many people are still reeling in the wake of the Granddaddy of all recessions. Hopefully the worst is past,’though most pundits expect that the ripple effect will last for some time yet … Continue reading

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For a Good Time call Amber at 901 555 1212.

When we talk about social media these days, we tend to think about digitally driven platforms that encourage people to interact in a spontaneous and informal dialogue. “What’s on your mind” or “What’s happening” or “Start a discussion” are your … Continue reading

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A Fork in the Road…time for some changes.

Most of the articles that I write, are…well, sorta tongue in cheek. Partly poking ( safely behind the fence) at the world with a stick, to see if it’ll bite…it does! And partly serious. We’ve hit a fork in the … Continue reading

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