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Once Bitten Twice Shy?

The past 12 -18 months have been brutal. Many people are still reeling in the wake of the Granddaddy of all recessions. Hopefully the worst is past,’though most pundits expect that the ripple effect will last for some time yet … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing, another scam or a new paradigm?

Crowdsourcing – The Angry Mob. (Part 1.) The outrage is real, the fear is palpable, professionals are “pissed off” they deeply resent the notion that their hard-won skills and talents are being commoditized and overtaken by amateurs,  prepared to work … Continue reading

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The Social Conversation…effective marketing communication or not?

Marketers around the globe and the companies they serve are struggling to come to grips with social media. No surprise!…so are the rest of us. Most of the burning questions revolve around whether one should consider it as a marketing/advertising … Continue reading

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One Cool Thing… “Seth Godin is the Bill Gates of common sense.”

The moment I came across Seth Godins Blog I knew right away that I’d stumbled onto something of value. Aside from being a best-selling author of 12 books,  (among them,  Linchpin, Purple Cow, Permission Marketing) a visionary, a consummate and … Continue reading

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Social Media: Everyone Talking to Everybody About Everything.

Social media and social networking have become our latest obsession. Hours spent in front of the tweet deck dashboard trying to make sense of dozens of seemingly random and obscure smatterings of , uhm, smatterings of what? Exactly what is … Continue reading

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