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Once Bitten Twice Shy?

The past 12 -18 months have been brutal. Many people are still reeling in the wake of the Granddaddy of all recessions. Hopefully the worst is past,’though most pundits expect that the ripple effect will last for some time yet … Continue reading

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For a Good Time call Amber at 901 555 1212.

When we talk about social media these days, we tend to think about digitally driven platforms that encourage people to interact in a spontaneous and informal dialogue. “What’s on your mind” or “What’s happening” or “Start a discussion” are your … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing…Embracing the change.

A few months back, when I wrote my first article on Crowdsourcing I was motivated by my personal sense of outrage. I had received an email offering me the chance to enter a competition to submit an entire campaign layout … Continue reading

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World Cup: FIFA Was Thinking What?

It seems to me that soccer (football), is a working mans sport, or at least here in South Africa it is. The  die-hard supporters in this country (and there are many), nip along to the stadium with their mates on … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm is Great. Enthusiasm and a Little Knowledge is Better.

At least 10 people have approached me this year seeking pro-bono advice on starting a business or launching a new product.  If they seem sincere, I meet with them for a coffee and give them an hour or so worth … Continue reading

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